Luxaqua provides full aquarium services to architects, interior designers and owners. Our bespoke aquariums take place into luxury private villa and penthouse, hotel and restaurant, retail design.


Aquarium specialist

Involved as much in luxury interior design projects as in world-class architecture, we had opportunities to collaborate with Stephanie COUTAS, Imaad RAHMOUNI, Alain RAYNAUD, Jean NOUVEL and others (studies and projects in Dubaï, Marrakech, Lyon, Doha, Las Vegas, Monaco, Moscow).

Bespoke aquarium

Handled in our unique style, where every detail counts, the bespoke aquarium is elegantly integrated into our top-of-the-range clients' homes: it is a unique and original solution which sets the tone of these exceptional interiors.

Extra large aquarium

Imposing, the giant aquarium stands out with its capacity to show the big picture - or even the very big picture! This will be an unsurpassable attraction, which will amaze its viewers and will certainly be counted among the largest private aquariums in the world.

Custom acrylic aquarium

Priceless, with unmatched transparency, and endowed with physical characteristics well out of the ordinary, PMMA acrylic material allows us to produce aquarium windows and other transparent panels to completely revolutionary standards.

Aquarium services

From simply giving advice to the full design and implementation service, Luxaqua meets all your needs: preliminary consultancy, aquariological engineering, construction and installation, maintenance or even training your own staff.

Aquarium consultancy

An expert in the programming of Museums-Aquariums, our project leader and consultant ensures that all the help required is given to project managers / clients during the preliminary studies; in this way, the conditions in which aquarium projects are created can be improved right from the start.

Aquarium engineering

Luxaqua's expertise makes it a major player in this sector, and the ideal partner for project management teams during the detailed design and engineering study phases: treatment of LSS water, waterproofing of major works, PMMA glazing, underwater scenery and lighting.

Luxury aquarium construction

Our project leader becomes your personal contact and ensures the complete management of your project. Our plus: working with the best professionals and with technical equipment which has been tried and tested in the field of aquariology.

Aquarium maintenance

Our projects incorporate automatic systems and other technologies, significantly reducing the maintenance operations of the aquariums. At our customers’ request, we also undertake the maintenance of their aquariums, or alternatively, the training of their own staff.

Our vision

With their unique benefits processed in new ways, our products take up the challenge of performance, luxury and elegance. Luxaqua takes your desires into account, to bring you original, unique solutions where every detail matters.

Our positioning

Surfing on the new wave of large-volume aquariums and taking advantage of the latest technologies and manufacturing materials, Luxaqua provides aquariums which are both out of the ordinary and create an emotional response from their audiences.

Our values

The five basic values of Luxaqua, Aquariums Designer, focus on high performance, exacting standards, efficiency, emotion and responsibility.


Overview of the main references and projects carried by Luxaqua, international specialist in the design and manufacture of luxury and bespoke aquariums.


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