Acrylic aquarium

The transparent PMMA panels used in the construction of public aquariums are now also implemented in your made-to-measure aquarium projects, allowing for the most unusual shapes, as well as more widely in your most extravagant architectural concepts.


Acrylic tunnels

The acrylic glass material (also known as polymethyl methacrylate - PMMA), is a plastic used in the construction of tunnels in public aquariums but also in the creation of large scale glass panels of dizzying dimensions for aquariums over 10m tall and a range as far as 40m long.

Acrylic panels

Beyond glass aquaria, acrylic glass can be used in many other architectural concepts, such as the development of a transparent glazing for skylights as the colour is transparent and provides high levels of brightness, or even planning within luxurious pools.

Unsurpassed transparence

The thickness of the PMMA panels, sometimes considerable to withstand strong water pressure, does not affect the transparence of the material in any way. PMMA panels allow for a particularly clear effect, combining transparence, optical reflection and the refraction of light through this amazing material.

Architects please note

A plastic material which will neither drip nor run in case of fire, PMMA also meets your needs in terms of equipping public areas. It is used in many public aquariums, such as, for example, the construction of under-water tunnels.

Photos : Ben Barnes