Aquarium construction & installation

Specialising in construction of custom built aquariums, Luxaqua is the ideal partner for working with prestigious customers and interior architects within luxurious living spaces.


Supervision of the project

Once the engineering project conducted under our care and supervision is put in place and we have met all of our stakeholder requirements, we ensure the full supervision of the construction process of the aquarium. This includes: supply management, pre-assembly workshop, on-site installation and commissioning of the aquarium.

The choice of equipment

All the selected technical equipment (lighting, filtration, automation, etc.) meets an ongoing concern for performance and involves the use of materials that have been proven and approved in the fields of professional aquatics.

The choice of manufacturers

The manufacturing of specific parts and the implementation of technical equipment requires a skilled labour force that combines expertise and professionalism, enabling us to run a construction and installation work that no one can compete with.

custom manufactured aquarium

The aquarium tank and its supporting structures are built and pre-fitted in the workshop, while hydraulic and electrical connections are carried out in situ.

Manufacturing your giant aquarium

In the case of the basin made of reinforced concrete, the transparent PMMA panels rely on the masonry framework. The full sealing of the concrete basin is created in advance by a polyester lamination process.

Our commitments

During all the stages of manufacturing and installing the aquarium, Luxaqua is committed to meeting clearly defined deadlines and respecting budgets.

Photos : Vyenel