Aquarium consultancy services

With expertise in creating public aquariums and aquariums of large dimensions, Luxaqua acts as a consultant and brings its skillset and know-how to the architects and engineers wishing to integrate an aquarium into their project.


Auditing and Consulting

Formulating the ideas of our customers assumes the strong involvement of our project manager and this comes from the outset of the first exchanges with them or their management teams. Visiting the project site, analysing the requirements, investigating the issues and constraints, studying the techno-economic feasibility, producing comprehensive technical requirements (involving fluids, structural aspects and access): everything is implemented to bring you answers and tailored advice.

Processing aquariology

Site visits // Audits and assistance for setting up exhibition aquariums, isolation aquariums and water tanks // Technical assistance during the definition of the architectural concept and creation of scenography // Defining plant and animals species lists using an educational and scientific approach // Determination and allocation of the surfaces: exhibition areas and technical areas (water treatment, quarantine and isolation tanks, technical access) // Advice on the constraints and practices regularly encountered within public aquariums (such as legislation, technical and operational issues) // Estimated investment and operating costs.

Photos : Tammy616