Aquarium engineering

LuxaquaÂ’s specific expertise in the field of aquariology makes it a key player and partner for management teams during the phases of detailed design and engineering studies.


Aquarium dimensions and other peripherals

Beyond its key mission of providing advice and technical support, Luxaqua also provides help with : finalisation of site visits // to populate the tanks with animals and vegetation // Defining requirement techniques in filtration (temperatures required, filtration rates, rate of brewing, etc.) // 3D modeling of the basins of exhibitions // 3D modeling of the decorations and models.

Aquarium engineering and facility placement

On the basis of preliminary studies, the project engineering is executed: aquariological lighting and water treatment equipment (life support systems) are measured. Technical spaces, aquariological and other specific facilities networks are put into place.

Bid for tender managment

According to these studies and approved plans, file specifications are established including: Civil Engineering // Leakage proofing // PMMA Glass aquariums // LSS, automation and electricity // Aquariological lighting // Design and decoration

Project team

With specialised training in aquariums and proven worldwide projects, our project manager will coordinate the stakeholders and skills necessary for the proper conduct of the engineering studies.

Photos : Myke Appel