Aquarium maintenance services

Design, realise, maintain your aquarium. Bespoke or tailored project that allows us to simplify aquarium easier, both on French territory or internationally.


Maintenance of your custom made aquarium

To complete your custom made and tailored project, Luxaqua offers additional services required for the proper maintenance of your aquarium: Implementation of the aquarium // Implementation of the aquatic landscape // Acclimatisation of animals // Permanent maintenance of your aquarium by a specialist // Support and 24/7 technical assistance. Luxaqua also offers training to technicians, where our clients would leave part of the aquarium maintenance at the expense of their own staff.

New aquarium technologies

Our aquariums are always equipped with the best technologies on the market. Our range of services has been developed with the aim to accompany and simplify the work of the technicians in charge of maintenance. This includes: Vending machine for food // Cleaning automated pressure filters // Management automated lighting // Sensor of water level alarm on cell phone-deferred // Automated analysis of physicochemical parameters of water (temperature, pH, etc.) with report on computer control // Automated filling of tanks of water to compensate for any occurring evaporation.

A necessary precautionary principle

Generally, we duplicate all the equipment whose failure could have depreciable harm to the animals that live in the aquarium. For example, the installation of an additional filtration pump will ensure instant and automatic maintenance in case of failure of the first.

Photos : Sergii Figurnyi