Extra large aquarium

Combining nature and the spectacular, full of wonder and surprise, the giant aquarium is a completely original attraction which takes its place in your major architectural plans: a complete 'wonders of nature' ecosystem, for the greatest pleasure of the creatures and their observers.


A spectacular aquarium

Imposing, the giant aquarium brings you a spectacular setting where fascination and originality combine to take you on a voyage of discovery. Set off on an original adventure, by creating a real collector's aquarium!

A unique work

The construction of this ambitious project, bringing style and elegance together, will know how to stir and amaze its observers with its unique combination of exceptional, highly-coloured species. Born of an original idea, this structure will definitely become the focus of an innovative attraction.

Our expertise

Expertise drawn from our project director's previous experience ensures the good running of the works, together with a team of engineers during the study phase and a team of specialised technicians during installation.

Architects please note

Normally constructed of reinforced concrete, the tank which forms the giant aquarium is an integral part of the structure. In addition to that element, space is required for water treatment equipment (Life Support System).

Photos : Maki. Y