Our aquarium services

A specialist in professional aquariology, Luxaqua offers a wide range of services. Whether off-the-shelf or made-to-measure, our services are supplied by the best professionals, both within France and internationally.


Aquarology servicing your project

The uniqueness of each of the aquarium projects encountered allows us to intervene on missions regardless of their phase and depending on the needs expressed by our clients and collaborators. Our services include : Auditing and consulting; engineering in aquariology; manufacturing and installation; maintenance operations

experienced professionals

Luxaqua is surrounded by talented specialists in order to ensure achieve many tasks: Biologists, whose expertise relate to fresh water, sea water and coral reefs // Engineers, whose expertise focuses on the PMMA glass and water treatment // Decorators, specialists in restoring the aquatic landscapes // Craftsmen and other manufacturers specialising in : tanks made of glass or acrylic, custom part machinery // Companies specialising in : waterproofing concrete, polyester decor or concrete, plumbing, electrics // Providers of aquarology lighting, filtration equipment, small aquariological equipment, suppliers etc.

A dedicated project manager

With ten years of experience in the field of aquarium services including technical training specialising in aquariums with an awareness of art and architecture, our project manager provides the council and the coordination for all stakeholders necessary for the proper conduct of our missions: turnkey aquarium (design and realisation) / Consultancy and engineering assist.

Photos : Hami Amir