Our aquariums

A recognized specialist for its made-to-measure, top-of-the-range aquariums, its exceptionally large giant aquariums and its prestigious glazed transparent PMMA panels, Luxaqua operates at international level with architects, interior designers and project developers.


Our made-to-measure aquariums

Handled in our own unique way, our custom built aquariums take their place alongside designer furnitures and artworks in their contribution to the decoration of your interior space, whether it's a high quality public establishment or your own luxurious private home.

Our extra-large aquariums

Combining nature and the spectacular, the giant aquarium stands out with its capacity to show the big picture - or even the very big picture! The unique result will become an original attraction in your design project, certainly being counted among the largest private aquariums in the world.

Our transparent panels

The panels used in the construction of our giant aquariums are now also available for your wildest architectural schemes, such as the installation of a large-scale panel in place of a glass wall, or even in the wall of a luxurious infinity swimming pool.

Our approach

With constant attention to standards, our supplies and manufacturing materials have been proven in public aquariums (museums). In addition, we guarantee that we work with the best suppliers and the best products available.

Photos : Eric Parker