Our values

Our values are fundamental, and focus on high performance, exacting standards, efficiency, emotion and responsibility. The five basic values of Luxaqua, aquarium manufacturer.



A value present in each of the Luxaqua's trades, with a constant strive for perfection in order to offer the best to our customers. Historically, Luxaqua, manufacturer of aquariums, develops its projects in partnership with craftsmen, designers, architects and interior designers in France and abroad.

The requirements

Because the supply of services is impeccable, Luxaqua is surrounded by talented specialists combined to meet a varied and demanding clientele. The requirements are always kept up-to-date where nothing is left to chance: the choice of materials combining performance and quality, the design of the structure or the selection of the best equipment.


Luxaqua has a dedicated team with a strong attention to detail, ready to intervene at any time. As a manufacturer of aquariums, Luxaqua offers a wide range of services, from the initial audit stage to maintenance and training.


Emotion is a quest without end at Luxaqua. As a manufacturer of aquariums and creator of emotions, Luxaqua invites you to share a unique journey through different, surprising products. Immerse yourself in an emotionally charged universe where surprise, wonder, or even fear amaze all spectators !

The responsibility

Whether it is to innovate or undertake, Luxaqua has always done this with responsibility. As an aquarium manufacturer, Luxaqua offer corporate responsibility for aquariums, from the protection of aquatic ecosystems, conservation of species and awareness of the general public. As such, the company is involved alongside Coral Guardian and NGOs working for the preservation and restoration of coral reefs.

Photos : Pgiam