In the following pages, you will see few descriptions of our international aquarium projects. Involved as much in luxury interior design projects as in world-class architecture, we had opportunities to collaborate with Stephanie COUTAS, Imaad RAHMOUNI, Alain RAYNAUD, Jean NOUVEL and others (studies and projects in Dubai, Marrakech, Lyon, Doha, Las Vegas, Monaco, Moscow).


Prestige aquarium installations, Private client

Emirates Hills, Dubai (EAU)

Luxaqua created a highly innovative composition for this commission which involved the design and construction of two exceptional aquariums. The two 10,000 litre, 2.3m deep aquariums serve as the centre-piece of the Villa's main room, they contain marine fauna from the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. It took months of intense design work to put together these monumental aquatic marine-scapes, that contribute effectively to the Villa' overall theme of surprise and wonderment.


Custom designed aquarium

Europequipments & Accor, Lyon (France)

A special design commission for the Mercure Hotel (Promoter: Europequipment / Operator: The Accor hotel Group) in the Lyon Part-Dieu business district, this large aquarium accentuates bright hues and sharp colours: turquoise blue, canary yellow and even bright orange which combine to create a most surprising and fascinating overall effect: an explosion of colour which fits perfectly into this elegant setting.People often ask if they are Marine fish. Well no, these brightly coloured fish are all native to Lake Malawi, a huge freshwater lake in Africa.


Project management support

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Doha (Qatar) & Las Vegas (USA)

In 2010, the Ateliers Jean Nouvel called on a team of experts including Grégoire Bastide, our project chief and consultant, for the tender, planning and concept design stages of an immense international project. This project, located in Doha Qatar, involved the construction of a more than 35,000 m² site dedicated to the presentation of various local and exotic ecosystems (mangrove, plant collections and coral reefs), as well as to the development of a coral nursery for the re-population of natural sites. The possibility for visitors to be involved in the actual preparation of coral cuttings was also considered. Luxaqua had already worked with the Ateliers Jean Nouvel in 2008 on the design of a Hotel-Casino-Aquarium concept in Las Vegas.

Atelier Jean nouvel

Large prestige aquarium, Private Client

La Palmeraie, Marrakesh (Morocco)

A true collector's aquarium: 60m³ of tropical sea-water, 8m in length, 3m in height! The detailed proposal for the installation of this unique and sizeable aquarium in a luxurious private villa was put together by a team including engineers, project designers and biologists. This project notably included an 8m long main viewing window and a smaller viewing window in the massage room which provides an unusual perspective on the aquarium's interior.


Aquarium glazing

Private castle, Bormes-Les-Mimosas (France)

In the design of gardens and parks, water has always been an essential presence. In this Castle located by the sea and lost in the middle of the vineyards, this 2.00 m x 5.50 m acrylic glass aquarium fitted in the garden reveals a surprising shaft of light. The sunlight enters seductively through the basin, without causing any blinding effects, thanks to the effect of ripples created by the water on the basin. This glass aquarium takes advantage of natural elements by its exceptional orientation, allowing the Villa owners to benefit from the brightness of the morning and enjoy the last rays of the setting sun. And for any moon lit night, the water has a beautiful metallic sheen on the surface.


Decorative interior pond

Confluence Mall, Unibail Rodamco, Lyon (France)

Offering maintenance services to Unibail-Rodamco group for several years ago, Luxaqua takes care of this atypical and decorative interior pond within this 4 stars Lyon city Mall. Provoking surprise and wonder among its public, this Alexis Tricoire design pond combines romance and elegance by the show of fish and plants, live performance presented in part through glazing beneath the feet of the public. Many water games and lights are also staged, thereby exposing the natural resources in new ways.


Aquariologic engineering

Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Bamako (Mali)

As part of the renovation project for the Bamoko National Park in Mali, Luxaqua was commissioned to design the whole of the "aquariology" section, including: the definition of an aquariology program (notably the visit scenography), the definition of animal and plant species lists, the layout of the aquaria and associated technical areas, the drafting of consultation documents and consultation with works contractors. This aquarium-museum opened its presentation of native species from Niger and the great lakes (Malawi and Tanganyika) to the public in 2012. From an educational point of view, the focus is on electro-location mechanisms and the evolution/adaptation of species within their environments (drought, current, etc.)


Aquatic installations

IGFL / ENS / CNRS / INRA Lyon (France)

These projects were certainly less aesthetic in their scope yet they were nonetheless highly technical, here Luxaqua created around a hundred bespoke aquariums for the IGFL (Institute for Functional Genomics in Lyon), a combined research unit of the Lyon Ecole Normale Supérieure, the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and the Claude Bernard 1 University of Lyon (also affiliated with the INRA - National Institute for Agricultural Research). These combine to make up a research tool that is unique in the world, thanks to our highly detailed work in direct response to the specific and evolving requirements of the scientists and technicians that use it.


Custom designed aquarium

Moselle Departmental Council (France)

The average time spent before an aquarium by members of the public is about 2 minutes. As a result an aquarium can serve as an important centre of interest which can be used by companies and public institutions alike to great effect in trade shows and events. With this in mind the Moselle Departmental Council commissioned us for the concept, design and construction of a complete aquarium installation that was both easy to assemble and to transport. It was commissioned to provide support to their communication and promotion campaigns at temporary exhibitions, with the aim of improving the visibility of their logo, the aquarium having been designed to echo its form.


Outline design tender

Cité de la Mer Aquarium, Cherbourg (France)

In collaboration with Pierre-André Louis (Architect of the Grand Lyon Aquarium) and Sébastien Tessier (Architect and stage designer), Luxaqua was involved in the outline design tender for a "children's" space at the Cité de la Mer aquarium in Cherbourg. With a surface area of 350m² and a budget of €400,000, the implementation of this new educational tool for children involved the design of new display tanks and the conception of a new dynamic and participative self-guided visit.